Hp LX freedom

That’s the point. You used to have a long direct cable up to the
switchboard. Now, with the very high frequencies used your cable is short
and ends at some amplifier somewhere. And all that is just mains powered
nowadays. So a local UPS for your own equipment won’t help you.
Decades ago and in and after the war people could muddle through
regardless. With coal and potatoes in your cellar you could keep going for
a while. Today’s infrastucture is susceptible to single point failures and
we rely on it for everything. With my bottled gas oven I am the only one
who can heat water, baby milk or food in this house. But there’s no source
of water for miles. Our cellars are below the local sewage level.
Caring about national self reliance for food and energy has been called a
needless subsidy and let go to ruin. With one single failure in one single
area this whole house of cards will go down in one single crash. And all
the generations still alive now are pampered zoo animals with no idea of
life outside.
Its my own choice. I truly enjoy having moved into the city, would not want
to go back, and contrary to my father would be hopeless at gardening
anyway. But this wholesale destruction of all fallbacks and backups and
wilfull creation of needless vulnerabilty bothers me all the same.
> So, bottom line, I will keep the
> analog phone line for as long as I can.
Wish that I could.


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