Step two

Yesterday, I was reading a post by Seth Godin about habits. As I found it quite interesting I want to share the topic with you. Let me explain.

You never stop learning new things in life.
Let’s imagine you want to run 15 minutes a day or write 3 pages of a novel every day.
The first step is learning how to do it. Finding and obtaining the insight and the tools and the techniques you need. Basically you need to understand how
it works. That’s the first step. But it’s not enough.
You will learn if you turn step 1 into a habit; that’s Step two. Committing to the practice, doing it again and again until you’re good at it, and until it’s part of who you are and what you do. Most education, hardware, technology, doctor visits, textbooks
focus on the first step. Very few things dedcated to the second one. We shall invest just a little more time to understand how to turn any practice we like (step1) into a habit (step2).


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