Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

This quote belongs to H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Sometimes we judge a person or an action from the outside. At first glimpse, we see the exterior of a person – the clothes, the body build, the grooming, etc., and make a decision on the value of that individual. It may be negative at first, but we can be wrong! It is important to “see with the heart” – to look inside the person and to give that person the opportunity to prove him or herself. The same occurs with an action – we can consider it at first rude and unthinking, only to find out in a different culture, the action means no harm. We need to be open and value the differences in one another. We need to embrace diversity. We need the “invisible eye” to discern the truth in people and actions. To have wellbeing in all facets of our life – physical, spiritual, psychological – we need both sets of eyes – outside and inside.


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