(micro dystopic tale by Matteo F. Ponti)


One morning, long after the Judgment day, in which mankind downsized itself with a nuclear war, I was digging a hole in the ground. It was the first hole for one of my best potatoes, the frst step for a good harvest in the future. But, what I discovered was really amazing.

It was one of those devices my grandpa used, a smartphone. These days nobody amond the few millions alive, use these things anymore. When I got back in my barrack I examined the object. It was part plastic, part metal and part glass, a cracked glass. Few day later I went on a long walk to see my grandpa.

He was amazed by the object I found. I remember he used a sort of cable with a socket on one side and a solar panel on the other side. After a few hours we heard a song coming out of the device. It was alive. The glass flashed with colors and images and words. I was not prepared to what we sow on it, once the image was clear enough. There was a face, without beard, it was a version of myself. It was definitely me, some years ago. That boy me was speaking, my very same voice. It took some time to turn on the volume but once done we heard clearly what was he saying

“Hey, you are watching the future. We will arrive in 10 days. Prepare yourself”


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