Hope you have the time to sit 5 minutes to sip a warm coffee, not an espresso. I suggest some “caffeè lungo” just to breath the warm aroma. Sit and relax. reade some of the quotes I prepared for your pondering.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. — Louis L’Amour

What looks like tomorrow’s problem is rarely the real problem when tomorrow rolls around. — James Fallow

Never take a job for which you are qualified. You won’t grow. — Esther Dyson

That we were absent for a great expanse of time in the past causes no fear. Yet, our impending absence in the future is cause for terror. — Brian Greene

Too many people worry about what AI will do to us. Too few worry about what Power will do *with* AI. — Zeynep Tufekci‏

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control. — Howard H. Stevenson

What you seek is also seeking you. — Rumi


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