My handheld PC model HP LX 100 is the device I used for code writing. I use it to code a software that turned out to be a bestseller. My HP LX name is Leopard, part machine part myself. By the way I am Leo and Pard is the device. I want to reveal something about Plotter. Plotter is a software that automatically generates stories. I created it from scratch. Doing that was not as simple as it may seem. It took me a while to create a database. Maybe more time to set parameters like “poetic style”, “fantasy genre” etc etc. Testing to make software error proof was also a big part of the project. Then the software was ready to sell. Boom! it became a bestseller. Now it is even used to draft contracts, international agreements, court judgments. No errors ever.
Sitting on the porch of my Villa overlooking, in Monterey, last night I asked Plotter to write a little story for kids. Plotter responded with a very nice story about a  Family of Strawberries. Unexpectedly in the last line instead of writing “the end”, Plotter wrote “the mend”. Was it a bug or a caveat?


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