When there is a problem in politics there is always someone who has a ready answer. The greater the problems, the less simple and univocal solutions can be found. Think about migration and climate change. They are huge and interconnected issues.

In politics, the problem of migration is dealt with by treating the symptoms or attacking the caravans of migrants – walls, borders, visas or racial hatred – the reasons that cause them are not studied.

In my opinion, climate change is the main cause of migration and possibly of war -think about water shortage. Admitting it would mean bringing a crucial problem to the attention of mankind. Climate change is reducing the living space for mankind. Many areas of the planet are becoming inhospitable and impossible for breeding and crops.

We must wake up from the torpor. Let us not be fooled by stupidity such as racism, borders, visas. The real problem is that the planet is becoming inhospitable. Stop wasting intelligence in hatred and wars. Our intelligences must be used globally to find a model of life that allows us to continue living on Earth. All of us.

For now the rich part of this human world looks elsewhere. It has money and technology that protects us, but ignoring the profound reasons for climate change could cost us a toll we cannot pay.


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