the Well

Where is the source?

Is it somewhere for you ?

No source is spilling for you.

It’s never in the same place.

It’s secret, unknown to many.

It’s neither fresh nor salty.

It’s so close by.

To touch it you’ll travel you’ll never reach it.

Stop refusing to swim and drown in it.

If you accept the well as something you will never get, you may cross the desert and never feel thirsty.

The well has a door to a lost somewhere,

it’s right on the bottom

beyond despair.


I was waiting for you.

It’s cold now,

in my squirrel’s cave I feel safe and dry and warm.

Springtime is already here if you want it.

The candle lights my mind pouring words on paper.

Recovering for the good season,

preparing seeds to make my brothers and sisters smile and sigh in joy or sorrow.

Art of noise

Oral tradition

Bees following soundwaves I can’t hear, among waves I hate.

Side to winds whispering in my ears.

Noise is a choice, a will to be disturbed.

Noise, I am unable to perceive any purpose.

My legacy is to believe,

I am the son of a mighty God,

all things and creatures and facts, must have a purpose,

this I am doomed to believe.

Purpose is being, becoming, transforming, movement.

That’s all about noise, like the white noise of stars, of ocean waves and blood in my vains.

Fountain of eternal youth

My fountain pen, Pelikan with pitch black ink, is the wand I use to trace the pathway to escape illusions and show stories hidden behind. Death vanishes because time loses meaning.

iron wings

fear – yelling – laughing – blood – fire – silence – silence – darkness – dumb – death – def