Today’s “good start” post

Why are we always busy on doing something while we do something else? We force our mind by keeping it nagging busy on a variety of unimportant things that we consider crucial, like driving to be in pole position at the traffic lights. We fear the moment we have to stop and be quiet. If it happens It’s in this very moment that we may be able to perform our life as if we paint it. We may regain our power it’s a gift. It may be an accident or an illness. In any case we have the chance to drive our soul into new places filled with expectation and wonders. We may learn that our life has no end but a big purpose. We may look beyond all constraints and find ourselves stronger and almost fearless.

Today’s “good start” post

All week we move high speed, we rush and we cannot even breath. It’s time to consider a slow down. It’s not only the scenary you miss by going too fast. You miss the sense of where you are going, and why. Why not planning a nice walk in the woods tomorrow or as soon as possible?

Today’s “good start” post

I had this thought many times. Feeling in touch with silence, that place inside ourselves, that stays quite despite all turmoil outside, it’s crucial. Try at least one a day to close your eyes, breath calmly in a silent place. There you will discover that everything in your life happens for a purpose. Up to you to unveil the meaning.

Today’s “good start” post

My dream, our dream! Do not give up on dreams. Imagine your life, in details. Live the life you have imagined. Life has not to be complicated. Keep it simple, life will add some uncertainty by itself. Enjoy and do not ever forget dreaming. Stay closer to Heaven.

Today’s “good start” post

In the early sixties we were 3 billions, nowadays we are more than doubled. Living in harmony among us all and with Nature is a must. We need to use our creative power for a better life. We have more than 7 billions creative minds available. Please start using yours. Why ? Because nothing will ever ever make you more generous, joyful, lively, indifferent to fighting and accumulation of power and money, than living in Harmony.

Today’s “good start” post

Carl Jung used to say that children get a strong influence by the unlived life of the parents. That’s a crucial advice. Live wholehearteldy in you life, in every moment, so your children will benefit in full. Do not hide your potential.

Today’s “good start” post

Observe, observe, observe. Look around for every sign that may tell which is the direction to follow. The world around us is full of encouraging signs we tend to ignore ti prefer signs of despair. In Talmud I red these famous lines “every blade of grass has it’s angels that bends over it and whispers -Grow, Grow!

Do not be deaf and blind.

See in a new way

What do you see?
A better question might be, “what do you choose to see?”

When you read a blog post, or see a successful project or read about an innovation, what do you see?

Do you see the emotions and the fear and the grit of the people behind it?

Do you see the strategy and high-level analysis that went into it?

Or do you see the execution and technique?

Some people are willingly blind to metaphor, viewing each example as a special case. Others manage to connect the dots and find what they need just about anywhere.

You might not need more exposure to the new. Instead, it might pay to re-see what’s already around you.

(Credits to S. Godin)