We were invited for a holiday in Corfù. By the Durrels. Kidding? Sort of. In reality I was fascinated by the books of Gerald Durrel, those based in the greek island. Is it a sort of invitation, isn’t it?

We spent In Corfù 11 days in a place called Orange Grove. Nice apartments, surrounded by orange and cypress trees. We experienced a time stop. It seemed like time was moving at a slover speed, almost freezing. Corfù has its own time zone. We were into a paradise.

Clear and fresh waters at sea, fishes in flocks near the shore biting gently your skin for a sort of scrub. Coming back home, in the country, lots of cats with a sphinx face, haddocks in flocks gliding on pools to drink water. Evening time with gentle winds combing trees and waves, we walked narrow streets of Benitses, along houses with nice windows, flowered in fuxia and streets painted whith white stripes. Food for dinner was delicious as the smile of greek people. Juicy souvlaki, creamy tsatsiky and tasteful pita Gyros -the best in benitses just 2 steps in front of the excellent Paxinos restaurant. Back home before sleeping, watching the pale moon on the seashore was such a magical scenary. With my cheek on the pillow I will never forget the sound of ducks and frogs chatting near a small river. Perfume of trees and herbs moved around by gentle wind from the east.

Morning time with a warm coffee at breakfast, maybe a strong greek one and a gigantic croissant -as greek bakery normally do- you may ask yourself if Corfù is a please to go once or twice or more.

If Durrels or Pontis -which is us- may convince you to go there do not miss the old town fo Corfù, the bay of Paleiokastritsa, Benitses and the Achilleion -The summertime Villa of Princess Sissy, dedicated to her love for greek Myths and the warrior Achille.

The Pontis/Durrells promised that Corfù would have been a perfect place for a holiday. But the time that seemed freezing in a paradise mode, unfortunately started to move faster and our holidays ended.

Now, we hope to come back every time we watch a little bottle 50ml of Ouzo liquor, we filled with tiny little pebbles of Corfù.

P.s. other places not to be missedfor a food splurge and confort.

Paxinos restaurant Benitses, antifascist restaurant;

Boukari fish restaurants in Boukari

Eros hotel beach in Benitses

Pane&souvlaki, fine food in Corfù town;

Pizzeria La pergola, Benitses;

Taverna Plori , Paramonas;